What happen to my Facebook Account

I have not posted to my site in a while, but I am posting now. It happen fast I let a stranger use my phone that needed to make a call, I thought nothing about it. I got home got on my desktop and I could not log in. Someone had changed my password and email. Facebook blocked to account I had for 8 years but before they did the new owner of the account started messaging people in my friend’s list asking for money! On one hand, I appreciate Facebook blocking the hacked account so fast, on the other hand, they made getting the hacked account back impossible. I uploaded my ID but I did not use my real last name, I used my middle name. But even though my ID stated my middle name they would not give me that account back because it does not state my first and last name on the account.

To make matters worse I had an old account that was even older than the account I lost. I wanted to use it because of the age of the account, so I logged in and started to clear out any old messages photos old friends lists, changed the header to make it look like the old account, got most of my old friends list back and all was going good. Until I went into settings and changed my name to my full name… and bam the account was locked because of suspicious activity. So I uploaded my ID to verify It was really me and guess what? Same answer.

So I investigated the whole thing and It was all my fault. For not reading up on new policies and the politics of Facebook. Now I have this new account only because I do a lot of business on Facebook in the marketplace and other things. Plus staying in contact with important people in my life. There is no reasonable substitute for the marketplace and the groups I interact with this is sad but is my reality. So I and working with a brand new account with matching information in my settings. I posted this so I could explain to anyone that I refried. So yes it is really me and this post is on my own website. Sorry for the turmoil.

Sincerely Lonnie Ray Wilkerson

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