Technological Cage

As a long time technologist of some 35 years. I view myself as having unique views about our so-called modern age. When I was going up the technology at my disposal was nothing more than land line phones, color TV, and cassette players. I mean I saw my first cell phone on an old Star Trek episode from the 60’s, you know, the flip out communicator and Captain Kirk saying “beam us up, Scotty”.

Of course, that is nothing compared to today’s system of so call progress. Before the computer age and the internet… things were convenient to have… but at that time technology as it was would not usher in a catastrophic collapse of infrastructure by going dark. We have set ourselves up for a downfall of magnificent proportions.

We have constructed our own doom that is much more elegant than the Atom Bomb and therefore is harder to recognize. Our arrogance, greed, and outright stupidity has blinded us to what is happening and what will be. We are now slaves to the digital age, myself included. What happens when you wake up one fine day and there is no power? Computers no longer work, cell phones are dead for years across the US or even the world.

What do you think our lives will be like then? My generation, the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, grew up in a technological age of revolution. Future generations grew up in a technological cage. Thinking that we are above nature the universe and the checks, balances and fundamental laws that placed it all here in the first place has caused this. A little knowledge is dangerous, so is a lot.

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