I Don’t Think Bookstores are Going Anywhere

There is nothing like the ambiance of an old fashion independent bookstore. I mean the patchwork of colors, the smells, the wondering people. Nook’s and crannies and hidden places. I have alway’s wanted to own one of these, But I would put a coffee bar in. There is nothing like a rich cup of coffee and a big fat cigar, of course, I would not recommend smoking in one of these firetraps because I’m not talking about any kind of strip mall storefront bookstore. I’m talking about the type of bookstore that would take a bit of urban exploration to find. No technology can overcome the charm or the mystic feel of the bookstore away. So to all the doomsayers that state electronic book readers will make bookstores a thing of the past, get a real job.

The Most Inspiring Bookstores of The World

No talk of being a Book Shop Owner would ever be complete without a tribute to Black Books created by Dylan Moran.

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