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Graphic Design

Custom Design for all your Content and Campaign Needs Old School visual artist and retired sign maker. I know a thing or two about effective graphic design. I design logos, content, layout, prototypes you name it. Take your brand to the next level with in-depth graphic production across your entire business spectrum. Let a real […]

Elite Perspective Man in a Hat


PUT MY ELETE PERSPECTIVE TO WORK FOR YOU What is a technical consultant and what do they do? I don’t know about others but I research, analyze, prototype, test, live eat and breath technology. I have done this for most of my life. I come from a very prolific time in technological history. It was […]

Web Design

Understanding technology is hard. Mastering it to do your bidding is even harder, and if you’re just starting out it can be totally overwhelming. You ask yourself “where do I start?”. If you’re here reading this you have taken a step in the right direction. As Your Technical Consultant, I am your guide that will […]

Graphic Type

Content Writing

CONTENT IS MORE THAN WRITING Back when I started posting content was just part of the job, if the client did not have much to offer his site in the way of content I would start writing at 5¢ a word. Something I still do today. I would write to forums, blogs, post reviews and […]

Welcome to my Life

My adventures in computer science all started in the early eighties. And from that time till now I have witnessed exponential growth in this technology that is cosmic in scale and universally dynamic in its conception and execution. I’ve been using HTML since the creation and implementation of HTTP over the internet. Ten years before […]